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2015 Annual Report

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Peace of mind comes from knowing that someone is standing with you when challenges come.

Mark Robison, CPA, CPCU

Mark Robison, Chairman & President

Risks have changed dramatically in the past century. Today, Brotherhood Mutual protects America’s churches and related ministries against threats early leaders couldn’t have imagined. As challenges evolve, we’ll continue exploring new and better ways to serve the Church, because ministry matters.

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You’re Making a Difference

Everyone who buys a Brotherhood Mutual policy plays a role in protecting the work of more than 52,000 ministries. Learn how your investment is making a global impact.

Adventures in Missions Adventures in Missions Logo

Adventures in Missions

In October 2015, refugees from all over the Muslim world were flooding into transition points along the borders of Greece and Turkey. They needed help.

Adventures in Missions re-routed several squads of short-term missionaries from their intended destinations and sent them to Greece. Teams of volunteers pulled people off boats, sorted clothes for shivering people, handed out hot tea, and offered hope in a desperate situation.

Over 26 years, the ministry has sent thousands of youths, adults, and families around the globe to serve the poor, oppressed, and hopeless. It aims to mobilize a generation of radical Christ followers, discipling and training them to establish the kingdom of God.
Harvest Christian Fellowship Harvest Christian Fellowship Logo

Harvest Christian Fellowship

A simple invitation to accept Jesus transformed Greg Laurie’s heart at age 17. Since then, Pastor Laurie has been on a mission to share that life-changing message with as many people as possible.

More than 7 million people worldwide have participated in Harvest Crusade outreach events since Harvest Christian Fellowship started them in 1990. Harvest America, a live event simulcast in 50 states and 123 countries, began in 2012 and annually sees thousands make professions of faith. It’s supported financially by hundreds of churches of all denominations.

Now a megachurch serving more than 15,000 believers, Harvest Christian Fellowship strives to make an impact on a nation in need of hope.
e3 Partners e3 Partners Logo


Every year, e3 Partners sends thousands of Christians on short-term mission trips that address critical social issues, promote the Gospel, and establish new churches in unreached communities. The three ‘e’s represent the ministry’s mission: equipping God’s people to evangelize His world and establish His Church.

Founded in 1987 as Global Missions Fellowship, the organization focused on making a lasting difference around the world. In 2005, the ministry became e3 Partners. Today, e3 Partners serves more than 50 countries through partnerships with individuals and ministries.

Using strategies that can be applied universally, e3 Partners is multiplying churches and believers around the globe.


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At Brotherhood Mutual, we’re committed to protecting not only your people and property, but your mission, as well. We insure some of the nation’s largest churches — as well as some of its smallest — because all ministry matters.

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2015 Annual Report

We’re always exploring new and better ways to protect America’s churches and related ministries.

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In 2014, Brotherhood Mutual helped more than 17,000 ministries recover from losses that could have been devastating.

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